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Brewing a comforting cup of tea during trying times.

This morning I began my morning routine of tea consumption with my usual Assam of the day. It's not as top shelf as I normally have; since teas seem to have dwindled, at least here in the states. I measure two grams and rinse with cold water. Brewing with my preset Z at 208 for 4 minutes. After my first cup with a half teaspoon of honey, my next two cups are with half teaspoons of monk fruit (sugar substitute). It's a cold but sunny day here in Wisconsin. Streets are deserted, in comparison to pre- COVID; but life goes on. I aimlessly ponder, will social gatherings enjoying a fine cup of tea, ever comeback again? Even online, unless you are top tier, is minimal in use. Oh yeah, 20 million plus are unemployed and waiting for a stimulus check that may or may not arrive. My next brew is my favorite green; Dragonwell (Lung Ching) I have a decent supply, but it too, at least the top tiers are going fast. Note: greens and whites loose their freshness and vegetal quality over time, so don't save too long, drink up and enjoy! Pu-erhs and darks last longer and some get better with age. Greens like 170-195 degree water and two to three minutes brew, may offer up additional steeping. I am registered for the upcoming World Tea convention, but not really excited as pre-conventions in Vegas were epic and are my fondest memories of (Before COVID-BC). Those were the best of times and thank God we have memories to cherish.


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